[Работа]  PhD Position on Formal Modelling of Concurrent Planning at HVL, Bergen, Norway
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Application deadline: 10 May 2019

From the advertisement: https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/167416/phd-research-fellow-in-computer-science-formal-modelling-of-concurrent-planning

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), Faculty of Engineering and Science has an open position for a PhD research fellow (PhD position) in Formal Modelling of Concurrent Planning for a period of 4 years.

About the PhD project

Planning in general involves activities like task organisation and resource allocation. Often, domain experts estimate the time consumption with respect to the availability and capacity of resources for each task, which makes today’s planning practice still a rather manual activity. In domains like healthcare services and capital-intensive industry (e.g., in the oil & gas domain), optimal planning is particularly important to handle operational risks and coordinate all actors on a facility, such as surgery, drilling, etc. The complexity of coordinating operational processes and resources has significance for financial impact and safety. Finding an optimal planning decision for concurrently executing plans is particularly challenging: these plans are commonly connected to each other in terms of shared resources, where one minor change or delay in one plan may consequently result in successive modifications in all other connected co-existing plans. Errors in planning decisions in these domains can entail not only substantial financial loss, but also fatalities.

The main goal of this PhD project will be to develop an innovative model-driven approach for decision support to coordinate concurrent plans. The project will investigate how to leverage techniques from formal methods for concurrent systems and programming language theory to facilitate planning decisions by means of formalisation, static and dynamic scheduling and resource allocation, as well as model revisioning. The research focus of this project will be to explore how concurrent planning can be expressed in terms of formal, executable models featuring resource capacity and quantity for estimating execution, and to investigate how to facilitate the automation of resource allocation and scheduling for multiple concurrently existing plans. The relevance of the research results will be evaluated by prototyping an experimental proof of concept where the prospective PhD candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with Haukeland University Hospital.

Contact: Associate Professor Violet Ka I Pun ( Violet.Ka.I.Pun@hvl.no )

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